N7 Fund Grant Cycle

The N7 Fund is Nike’s long-term commitment to bring sport and all its benefits to Native American and Aboriginal communities in North America, with a focus on youth. We believe that kids are made to play, and through sport, Native youth can unleash the power of their generation. We believe in the unifying power of sport to empower communities to take on some of the greatest challenges that Native American and Aboriginal youth face, such as diabetes, obesity, suicide, and low graduation rates.

N7 embraces the Native philosophy: “In every deliberation we must consider the impact of our decisions on the next seven generations.” Through N7, Nike provides opportunities for Native American and Aboriginal youth to play, get active, and become forces for positive change in their communities for generations to come.

To date, the N7 Fund has awarded more than $3.5 million in grants to 185 communities, schools and nonprofit organizations across the U.S. and Canada, reaching more than 350,000 youth as part of Nike’s Global Community Impact work. The N7 Fund partners with CAF America to provide due diligence and grant disbursement for its annual funding cycle.

The N7 Fund grant cycle will open 2017-2018 N7 Fund grant cycle will open Monday, October 2, 2017. The grant cycle will be available for six weeks, closing November 13, 2017.