To be eligible to receive an N7 grant, an applicant must meet all of the following requirements:

  1. Nike N7 Fund makes grants of $15,000USD/CAD or $20,000USD/CAD.
  2. For U.S. applicants, you must be one of the following:
    • A 501(c)(3) public charity;
    • A Federally-recognized Indian Tribe; or
    • A school, but you must have a fiscal sponsor who has tax-exempt status.
  3. For Canadian applicants, you must be a non-profit entity or a registered First Nation.
  4. Program must serve the Native American or Aboriginal community. (No less than 90%)
  5. Have a sport or physical activity focus.
  6. Serve youth, ages 18 years of age and under.
  7. Agree to provide reports demonstrating results from N7 grant funds

Strong Applications

  1. Applicant organization is well managed.
  2. Goals are feasible and well-planned and project budget is reasonable.
  3. Likelihood of success is high.
  4. Cost per participant is realistic.
  5. Community need and support are clear.
  6. Measurement plan is feasible.
  7. Nike N7 support will have significant impact given the project size.
  8. Nike N7 support may leverage additional resources.

Not Eligible for Funding

  1. One-time event support
  2. Individuals (including scholarships, stipends, fellowships, and personal assistance).
  3. Group or individual travel.
  4. Research or project planning activities.
  5. Support for elite or private sports camps, programs, or teams.
  6. Publications or audio visual projects.
  7. Endowments, memorials, budget deficits, or fundraising activities.
  8. Religious organizations whose programs do not have a secular or community focus.
  9. Lobbying, political, or fraternal organizations.
  10. Capital projects unless Nike N7’s award would be the final funding needed.
  11. Projects and events occur prior to a Nike N7 Fund award.
  12. Successful applicants will not be eligible for the following three grant cycles.

N7 Fund Grant Application

The 2018 N7 Fund Grant Cycle is now closed.

Thank you!